2015 Annual RI Adult Education Conference

First Session:

  • Standing out in the Job Search – ATS friendly resumes (Audra Lavoie)
  • Contextualized Curriculum (Dr. Al Alba)
  • Virtual Participation in Adult Education: Professional Development, Meetings, Classes, and More (Sherry Lehane & Kim Libby)
  • Learning from the Inside Out in and Adult Education Environment (Jennifer Bryant, Sharon McMahon)
  • Learning to Use the TI-30XS Calculator for the GED Math Test (John Schieffelin)
  • Adult Lifelong learning (ALL) ACCESS PDC Conference (Karisa Tashjian, Elizabeth Dalton, Ed Garcia and Don Gregory)
  • The Basics of Teaching Reading (Barbara Bowen)
  • United Way’s Adult Education Convening Project (Alexis Stern)

Second Session:

  • GED® Test: What other states are doing to guide students to pass the 2014 GED® Test                   (Angela Salvadore)
  • The STAR Essentials of a CCRS Aligned Modular Program (Kelly Domenico & Kerri Marion)
  • Becoming WIOA (Workforce) Ready! (Robin Adams)
  • Teaching Fractions Conceptually (Sherry Lehane & Lynn Foley)
  • Algebra, the Quadratic Formula, and You (John Schieffelin)
  • Reflections on Pilot for Common Core Implementation (Barbara Bowen & Donna Chambers)
  • “Network RI!” (Karisa Tashjian, Cristina Cabrera, Brady Dunklee, Bernice Morris, Nancy Fritz and Sophie Tan)
  • Getting Tech Training Smart: Developing an Internal Plan for Teachers and Staff                                 (Sylvia Stipitch & Kim Libby)

Third Session:

  • Financial Literacy (Dr. Al Alba)
  • Integrating Workforce Literacy into Beginning Level ESOL Classrooms                                                 (Bonnie Taylor, Enriqueta Molina, Brandon Lozeau)
  • RIC: Outreach Programs’ success in remediation, contextualized training and job placement & retention (Dawne Pezzuco, Jenifer Giroux, Nancy Miller, Lauren Lamendola & Claudia Iacozzi)
  • Using Khan Academy to Support Math Class (Beatrice McGeoch)
  • Online Resources Unique to RI (Jill Holloway & Karisa Tashjian)
  • NIRN: Implementing, Scaling-up and Sustaining Initiatives (Barbara Bowen)
  • Recipe for Writing a Five Sentence Paragraph (Sandra Barone)
  • How Collaboration has benefited our learners and programs OR Collaborate to save time, money and effort (Ruth Tureckova, Donna Nabb & Camron Ennis)