Thank You for A Successful Annual Conference!

To all who attended the Annual RI AE Conference on October 1st, we thank you for enthusiastic participation!  To all who also Presented in one of the 25 workshops, we thank you most especially: as your willingness to share your best practices and wisdom is key to the continual improvement in our field!

Please send any/all workshop handouts, ppts, etc., that you would like to share to us, and we will post them on the Conference 2015 page of this website.

Broadband RI Digital Literacy Instructor Training has transitioned to the PD Center!

As BBRI has ‘sunsetted’ (i.e. Recovery Act monies/grants have ended), their hard and nationally recognized work around bridging the digital divide in the adult population has been transferred to the PD Center.

This means that during 2014, PDC and BBRI staff & consultants worked closely to make sure that the resources created under BBRI’s watch will continue to be available in updated form through this website…and that the revised training will be available through the PDC for years to come.

We’re glad to be a part of the sustainability plan of this important work!  Please click the icon to the right to review all of these important resources (including links to online Northstar training and information).

Annual RI Adult Education Conference- October 1, 2015

conference 1Mark Your Calendars!

The Annual RI Adult Education conference will be held on October 1, 2015

at New England Tech (East Greenwich Campus of NEIT)

Consider submitting a proposal for presenting What Works! (for your learners, your program,or yourself as a practitioner).  Click here for a proposal form.

Registration for attendees will open in May.