Employability Skills

Download the PDC Employability Skills Training Framework

Employability Skills is gaining credence in the field for encompassing what are also called Soft Skills, SCANS Skills, 21st Century Skills, etc.  They include literacy and numeracy, as well as digital, critical thinking and interactive workplace skills.IMG733

The federal office of Adult Education and Career & Technical Education (OCTAE) has developed a number of online resources to support the field’s knowledge of, and integration into, education and skill training.  Most link and align these resources with the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS), which are Adult Education’s version of K-12’s  Common Core State Standards.

North Carolina has developed the most comprehensive online set of Resources to date, which support integrating employability skills across Adult Education and CTE.  They have made sure that all of the online documents are available in Word for downloading and customizing for your classrooms.  They include a comprehensive set of ESOL integrated activities, as well as for ABE and ASE classrooms.