GED Prep

Effective January 2014, the GED®2014 Test is:  

  • computer-based 
  • administered at an approved testing center
  • available in English & Spanish
  • replacing 2002 GED test
  • a different test with different expectations
Info for Test Takers and GED Instructors: 


How to Guide. MyGED.pdf  | How to Guide. MyGED.txt

GED 2014 Package information HOW TO REGISTER.pdf

GED 2014 Package information HOW TO REGISTER.txt



Math Test Update 2014 updated 02 21 2014.pdf

Math Test Update 2014 updated 02 21 2014.txt

GED 2014 Retakes: You Pass or We Pay

GED2014 Overview March 14, 2014 presented at RIDE's Leadership Institute

Reasoning Through Language Arts Extended Responses Exemplars for GED 2014,  Reviewed and Rubric-applied, October 2013 (56pp)
GED 2014 Social Studies Extended Responses Exemplars, October 2013 (40 pp)


GED 2014 SCIENCE Short Answer Resource Guide,

October 2013 (20pp)

Exploring the Mathematical Reasoning Module GED 2014, January 2013 (28 pp, slides)

 You Tube Video Overview of the new GED 2014 (Nov 2013)


GED2014 Practice Tests

Item Samplers are available for Classroom Prep

GED2014 Test Overview (40 minutes)

 The Teacher’s Guide is a self-paced, (8) eight-week program to help educators organize and apply the wealth of knowledge available about the 2014 GED® test for each test module (RLA, SS, SCI, MATH). 

Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Wheel by Norman Webb, a taxonomy of cognitive behaviors used to construct test questions

Navigating Path to College GED Test Prep includes additional resources and guiding links as well as reviews of GED preparation materials, created by Glenda Garcia.

OECD Survey of Skills for Employability 2013 (document used by OVAE's Brenda Dann- Messier to encourage collaboration & urgency)

Math & Technology Preparation:

The TI-30XS is the calculator that will be used on the new 2014 GED® test being launched January 2, 2014.  It is a Test-embedded calculator used for GED 2014 Test modules in Math, Science and Social Studies. A tutorial on its use is available at:  Additional information on the calculator and its use along with 11 minute video is available.

How To Use the TI-30XS Calculator
A 90 day free trial for educators is available here:  TI-30XS calculator

GED 2014 MATH Formula Sheet
GED 2014 Computer Skills  from BBRI, including resources for Online typing, Mouse tutorial, Scrolling, etc.

Broadband RI offers basic digital literacy curriculum, resources, and training for instructors FREE of charge. The curriculum includes beginner modules for adults from the use of a mouse, to browsing, e-mail and Internet safety. Their new module covers the technology needed to access and respond to the new GED 2014 Test. See PDC calendar for dates.

Contact Information for GED2014