-Organizations of the Adult Education State Directors: they have a Council  ( for info, updates on national trends and legislation) and a professional development group ( which is full of the info they’ve collected from individual states, as well as the latest in state program design research and best practices).   The newsletter below is from the latter group.    Lennox McClellan has retired from leading both groups, and Jeff Carter (most recently the head of the adult education branch of Digital Promise) has been hired to replace him.  You can sign up for newsletters from each on their sites.

– Art Ellison, our colleague from NH continues to send out the nation-wide alerts when an important issue is before Congress that we should contact our legislators about.  I forward these to you all when I receive them. We are fortunate to have such strong national leaders/proponents of AE as the RI delegation! (Reed, Whitehouse, Cicillene and Langevin)

– National Skills Coalition is the organization which our RI Workforce Alliance is a member of: they are strong national advocates for Basic Skills/ AE and produce research, webinars and guidance at   If you are interested in getting notes/attending monthly meetings of the Workforce Alliance locally, contact myself or Linda Katz, chair, at

-CLASP is the national organization that advocates and educates around national policies that affect those with low-income and/or low-skills.   Sign up for their newsletters on their site: the latest has research into the correlation/causation between low literacy and early mortality, and explains an initiative to create a credentialing system for the national workforce.

-and, of course, the OCTAE blog:


Please let us know if your ‘favorite’ source isn’t listed here, and we will share all of these on our website.