Orientation Toolkit & Guidelines

The first few weeks in a new program is a critical time during which individuals will decide, based on several variables, whether the potential for (their) success is good enough that they should stay. A welcoming and engaging orientation and goal-setting session is an extremely effective way to prepare individuals for a new learning experience and promote program retention at the same time.Because their goals and needs for services are uniquely different, it is essential that these goals and needs remain the focus of attention and discussion, referred to regularly. Goal-setting may be the single most important factor impacting student persistence in any endeavor.  For this reason, it must be the basis for the relationship between students and practitioners. This is the best opportunity for bonding and meaningful relationship-building to begin as practitioners learn about the interests, motivations, barriers and concerns of each individual in order to support problem-solving and encourage the best possible outcomes.

This Toolkit offers several engaging activities that can be introduced at the beginning of orientation and/or throughout subsequent weeks as individuals make progress and become invested in the new learning experience – and in themselves.  Each activity is a separate packet and comes with facilitator instructions, although selected activities can and should be introduced together. Click below to download activities as-needed.

  • Goals-Setting Activity:                                   It’s all about me!
  • Soft Skills Self-Assessment:                        A self-reflection
  • Common Employer Expectations:           OK! Now I Understand
  • Benefits of Employment:                                What’s In It For ME?
  • My Life & Work Values :                             What do I really care about?
  • Employment Questionnaire:                     What I think I know about work!
  • Daily & Weekly Routine:                            How time flies when I’m doing nothing
  • Assets & Strengths Activity:                        Things I like About Me
  • Attitudes & Beliefs:                                      the Unspoken Rules
  • Work Performance Evaluation:                How Well Did I Do My Job?
  • Workplace Etiquette & Ethics:                   Workplace Behavior does Matter
  • Work Readiness Indicators:                       Knowing I am really Ready-for-Work

These activities specifically support case management and job development functions and responsibilities.  The primary objective is to guide and coach individuals toward becoming independent learners and problem-solvers.  It is during this critical time (self-assessment, orientation, goal-setting, and skills-building) that they must experience what it means to become empowered and ready to take responsibility for their own success in work and life. They can benefit tremendously from this collection of ready-to-use tools and activities which promote self-reflection, self-discovery, and personal growth.

Activities are continuously developed from a growing collection of high-quality, nationally-relevant resources and references proven effective with literacy and employability skills instruction (Rev Oct 2015). For information contact Shemika Moore at the Professional Development Center.