Learner Persistence

1.  Persistence Among Adult Education Students Panel (streaming video). This panel discussion focuses on persistence in ABE, ESOL, and GED programs, and features a NCSALL study entitled, Supporting the Persistence of Adult Basic Education Students. This report examines student persistence in adult education programs. It presents a working definition of persistence, examines existing research, and describes NCSALL’s 3-phase study of factors that support and inhibit persistence.

2.  A good overview/introduction to the topic: Persistence: Helping Adult Education Students Reach Their Goals by John Comings, through NCSALL: www.ncsall.net

3. The Aspirations Toolkit from NCTN is a set of counseling and instructional practices and tools contributed by adult educators around the country. Contributors have implemented these lessons and activities with adult learners in various class types (e.g. ESOL or GED) and at a range of skill levels to foster aspirations and goal-setting habits, and to inspire them to begin planning for next steps along their education and career pathway.

4.  NCSALL-The National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy – additional research, reports and other citations on persistence can be found here and specifically on student persistence: 

5.   Adult Literacy Education Wiki – Learner Persistence  &   http://wiki.literacytent.org

6.  Beyond The Checklist: Using Reflective Practice to Remove Barriers in Family and Community Literacy by Cheryl Brown and Wendell Dryden – while specifically examining an intergenerational literacy project, the article poses a number of considerations useful in thinking about learner persistence across learning spheres: http://www.literacyjournal.ca

7.  California Adult Learning Persistence Projecthttp://www.cde.ca.gov/sp/ae/ir/persistproject.asp

8.  The Change Agent issue #25 on adults taking action to stay in school (if you are new to the website, start here: http://www.nelrc.org to get a password). http://www.nelrc.org

9.  Distance Learning for the Adult Learner: Improving persistence and effectiveness Bartlett, et al, California Department of Education, 2005: http://www.cdlponline.org

10.  Learner Persistence in Adult Basic Education – California Adult Education Research Digest, January, 2005

11.  Managed Enrollment: An Opportunity to Reinvigorate the ABE Experience – Alisa Povenmire, Massachusetts Coalition for Adult Education, 2006: http://www.mcae.net

12.  National Adult Education Professional Development Consortium – learner persistence resources,http://www.naepdc.org/resource_library

13.  Responding to People’s Lives, Yvon Appleby and David Barton 2008 – One of a series of practitioner guides addressing teaching practice, often related to supporting persistence:

14.  Stick With It! Motivating Skills for Life Learners to Persist, Progress and Achieve – UK based initiative focused on learner persistence http://www.stickwithit.org.uk/

15.  Student Persistence in Adult ESOL Classroom (from Pearson Education; read critically) http://www.pearsonlongman.com ( HTML Version)

16.  Adult Learner Persistence – resources from the New England Literacy Resource Center’s research into and learning about persistence http://www.nelrc.org/persist/

For more information about persistence efforts in Rhode Island, please contact janet_isserlis@brown.edu