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RI’s Adult Education system continues to move forward in its Technology Infrastructure and Expertise because of the influx of funds from winning another federal WIA Incentive Grants award.  Building upon the first award of 2013-15, the Adult Ed programs will be able to access funds during 2015-17 from RIDE specifically for PD on blended learning and instruction, as well as for devices for learner use.   In addition, there are several opportunities for programs to access technical support from the following:

  • Monthly Tech Camps: Tech PD sharing and learning that are open to programs’ TPP and/or any staff member. See Events Calendar for info and registration.
  • 6 Tech Coaches: each of whom have expertise in adult education and technology in the classroom. Every program can access 3 hours of a coach’s time, and can negotiate subsequent hours on their own after that.  The Tech Point Person (TPP’s) in every program should be the one to contact and coordinate with the Tech Coach, and plan how best to advance blended learning in their program.  Contact Jill Holloway at the PDC for info.
  • Tech Administrator:  supporting basic and more advanced technology needs of practitioners and programs to include software and infrastructure matters– Contact Sue Grundy  at the PDC.   
  • Digital Literacy Coordinator:  provides Northstar proctor training or related digital literacy needs of staff. – Contact Larry Britt at RIFLI/Providence Public Library
  • TIPs RI  (Tech Integration Project): this opportunity is open to 24 RI practitioners who want to learn and practice integration of technologies into their adult education classrooms.  See the full application for details. Deadline to apply: December 3rd.

Links to Resources from Tech PD of 2014-15:

1. The Northeast Comprehensive Center’s Google Site:

The professional learning community (PLC) of RIDE’s Adult Education Technology resources.  The Northeast Comprehensive Center (NCC)’s goal is to address the objectives and needs to Adult Education practitioners, and to provide a year long technical assistance using the new VLP Rubric (specifically Standard 3.7).   Contact Esther Lee for more info, questions or suggestions for info to share on this site.

2.  RIFLI’s Cool Tools and Hot Topics Series: Integrating Technology in Adult Education

During 2014-15, RIFLI hosted bi-monthly meetups where RIFLI Teacher and Digital Literacy Specialist, Sherry Lehane, and others  presented a cool tech tool and/or hot tech topic. Each session focused on an identified need of practitioners in our quest for enhancing learning through technology. In addition, practitioner shares were offered in the alternating months to allow teachers to share their experiences in integrating technology into their work with adults. Read more…

    Session Powerpoints: Getting Started Integrating Technology in Adult Education      Curated Resources                        Learning Management Systems           Northstar Assessment Overview

3. RIRAL’s Learning Studio: Hands-On Professional Development Sessions

Once a month for the duration of the Technology Breakthrough Grant, RIRAL transformed its Woonsocket Learning Center into a Learning Studio. Multiple spaces were available for research, collaboration, lesson planning, and hands-on technical experiences. Imagine it like an artists’ collaborative studio – artists from a variety of disciplines sharing space and materials: painting supplies in one area, sculpture tools in an other, books, magazine clippings and other sources of inspiration in a third. The ability to move between areas, try out new materials, and work independently or in groups. Read more…

contact Kim Libby for details      Click here for session descriptions and more information.

Recent Posts on Tech Tips for Teachers:

Tech Tips for Teachers is a blog for adult education teachers and tutors looking for straight-forward help to integrate technology into instruction. Subscribe on our site to receive posts by email or RSS feed or follow @WorldEdUS on Twitter for new post announcements.

The LINCS Learning Portal offers a free, self-paced course on integrating technology into the adult education classroom.

The course takes about 4 hours to complete and examines the why, how, and what questions for integrating technology in the adult education classroom:Online, self-paced, FREE course from World Ed on Integrating Tech in the ABE classroom:  (you need to create a LINCS account)

  • Why is technology important for instruction and learning?
  • How do you approach integrating technology?
  • What tools can you use to integrate technology?

In the culminating activity, you will create a Technology Integration Action Plan for a unit or lesson that you select for use with your adult learners. Learn more about this and other free, self-paced courses.

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